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Group Intention has been scientifically proven to open the neural pathways of the heart and mind of human beings who are motivated to heal.  Intention Therapy is a concept that proves to the mainstream world that by tapping into this magical space together with remarkable coherence we have the power to do beautiful things. Helping others share their journey activates Hope that will help us to strengthen our own.


Intention Therapy builds on the research and findings of Noetic Science, specifically studies of the Heart through Nurture and Compassion



This concept has been devised by Calgary-based Self-Talk Coach and Virtual Network-Film Producer Cindy-Diane Rheault, working with a team of volunteers to co-develop a universal and accessible method of transmitting the scientifically-proven benefits of group intention through digital media.  It is aimed at empowering everyone to share in the healing benefits that collectively, meditation, prayer, and intention can and does affect large groups.


Cindy-Diane Rheault is co-producing pioneering video webcasts and virtual events which accompany the process whereby groups of volunteers (the Participants) convey their coherent heart intention to the subject (the Recipient).  The webcasts  aim to demonstrate that the proven benefits of group intention do not depend on proximity between the parties.  (Achieving Collective Coherence)


The Webcast videos become story-telling documentaries based on the theme that is being researched with a team of experts and mentors.




Peer-reviewed scientific experiments over more than a century have demonstrated that Group Intention sent to a Recipient who is motivated to heal, can be detected in the electrical activity of the subject’s heart and brain.  (Compassion Intention Study).  



Further research discovered that neurotransmitters in the heart can influence aspects of higher thought in the brain.  (Dr. John Andrew Armour)



Intention Therapy webcasts show a facilitator bringing together a group of volunteers, in person and via video link, to hear a subject express in their own words their life journey and desire for change and improved health.  



The subject has arrived at the tipping point and is ready to effect a major change in their life.  The group of mentors “Participants” voluntarily commit to keep this person in their thoughts and to express their heart-felt support.  



This heart-to-heart communication of intuitive emotional nurture creates not just a ‘village’ of nurture for the person in transition, but an unseen nurturing  force-field of coherent energy that may help sustain and nourish the recipient during their transition to better health. 



Intention Therapy is in-line with the studies that have proven that this healing process can happen outside the face-to-face group environment and can be continued over time in the virtual environment.  The therapeutic benefit does not depend necessarily on positive thinking, but on the sustaining, heart-based nurturing energy offered by the voluntary mentors.  The aim is to prove that both Recipient and mentors or “Participants” derive measurable benefits from this Nurturing heart-to-heart exchange.  



With Love and Kindness,


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