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It was in early 2016, when I began searching online for a way to express my gifts and activate my highest direction.  Some of the questions I began to research were “Why are people stuck?”, “Why do people read so many self-help books, yet rarely take the time to expand on one of them?”, “What does it take for someone to succeed on their recovery journey”, “What empowers people to act on their well being and turn things around”  and most importantly  “How could I be of service in these questions?” 


Fired up by the array of possibilities and setting Intention in action, I found myself attracting mentors and inspirational beings who motivated and guided me to act on my vision.  That vision is to create Virtual events – that is Virtual bridges that will collectively empower others to positively move and shake the ground they walk on. The beings I strive to encourage are an inch from what they truly want and an inch to empower so many others with the opportunity that their Recovery Journey brings to the world.  As one of my mentors told be (the Buddha possibly),  there is no bad or good, it’s truly in how you react to it.  


With UP-lifting Intention, I am creating a Virtual Space that educates, inspires and connects people in a Mass Link, holding space for those expressing their self-recovery journey.  There are many ways to be part of this Intention Bridge my dear friends. 


As I happily role up my sleeves, I am confident when I say the tipping point is here…I am a messenger of the Power of Intention who attracts people around the world to expand compassionate energy beyond silent suffering!


MORE about my background…

Education- Health and Wellness, Journalism, Meditation, finding my Voice, and Belief Specialist Coach as taught by Suze Casey, the creator of Belief Re-Patterning.


From a very young age, I struggled to find my voice and highest direction.  As a young adult thirsty for a mentor I searched for someone who would take me under their wings.  Unquenched, I slowly built walls to keep myself safe from a world I felt I didn’t belong in.  The habit of solitude and healthy living were my two main saviours. 

Having studied an array of subjects from psychology, human anatomy, therapeutic touch, to many health oriented certifications I remained in a cloud of uncertainty throughout my young adult life.


As I continued the search, one day (I was 18) I figured out I’d have to do it on my own to survive and do the one thing that meant the most to me.  Finding a Way to Best Serve Others and Create a Livelihood Using My Unique Gifts.  Having developed the behaviour of solitude and doing things without asking for help meant it would take me many years to travel the path of creating a livelihood that is me.  At the age of 20 while working in the Hotel Industry as a food and beverage server , I became a part-time Health and Wellness advocate – teaching classes and supporting groups to lead a healthy lifestyle.  


I began traveling Canada in 1996, and finally found my first Nurturer who planted the seed and encouraged me to develop my skills in telling stories with my camera.  I was also introduced to my first book on the Power of Intention and manifesting what you think and act on, hence my lifetime research and direct experience on the subject.

A nurturer at heart and always looking for ways to serve others, it was in 2000 I took the leap. Based in Montreal I founded an original concept; becoming an ECOPhotojournalist (ImageECOterre) that covered positive human action.  In exchange my financial partners had access to beautiful photos for their own media needs.  My work has been displayed in museums, corporate offices and buildings,  magazines, newspapers, and books all under my quest to educate and build awareness around the people and companies who walked the “green” talk.  For health reasons (mainly stress and the fact that asking for help (my old behaviour pattern) was out of the question), I was pulled to leave that life behind and began a new quiet journey in Calgary, Alberta.  In the process I deepened my understanding of Buddhism and developing a strong Meditation practice.  Seven years later,  I began to be pulled by a force – you can say an energy field of “nurture”.  IntentionTherapy.org Productions was born.

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