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Food for Hope – 4 ingredients (and a bonus 5th & 6th!)



4 ingredients (and a bonus 5th & 6th!)



The letters H, O, P, E have an important Emotional Wellbeing meaning.  That is, Hold On Pain Ends.  I was introduced to this by Kendra Lawson, a guest in the Human Chain Link Of Hope Campaign who shares her wisdom from the upside of the line.  My cousin, Monique who took her life November 2017, did not wait to see if H, O, P, E was true.  In that instant she made a decision that this is what she wanted.  From the numerous Hope interviews I’ve hosted, the interviewees who took steps in this direction were grateful that they had a second chance.   Does this mean Monique’s second chance has passed?

{ FOOD FOR HOPE } Breath this in…I believe her second chance exists in the Campaign Human Chain Link Of Hope.   The Movie Screening is released on February 27th, Live in Calgary and on February 28th as a Webcast presentation. 


During a private screening early January, a participant mentioned we needed more campaigns like this one.  I reframed it by reminding everyone that Mental Health Campaigns are abundant.  For instance, Bell’s awareness campaign is a major one that connects over a million people together.  Recently, I was introduced to Mental Health First Aid. MHFA trains people to improve mental health literacy, and provide the skills and knowledge to help people better manage potential or developing mental health problems in themselves, a family member, a friend or a colleague.  Over 200,000 Canadians are MHFA trained.  Seeing that 6 degrees of separation is based on “this world is small”, you must know someone who is trained in MHFA 🙂 . 

{ FOOD FOR HOPE } Breath this in…Google Mental Health Awareness Campaigns and you have one hundred pages of actions around the world.


4 INGREDIENTS FOR HOPE (and a bonus 5th & 6th!)

1. Hope

2. Trust

3. Connection

4. Possibility

5. Motivation

6. Monitoring


Wether you’ve lost someone to suicide or someone you care about is walking the Emotional Wellbeing Journey.  The 4 main ingredients in recovery is the belief that there is hope, trust, connection and possibility.  Many say that self-motivation and self-monitoring techniques are the ultimate king and queen ingredient on the Emotional Wellbeing Journey…I call this the 5th & 6th ingredient.  However, when you are at the bottom of the pit, how do you find the strength to reach out for motivation? 

An anonymous recipient of IntentionTherapy.org said that it came to them through the depts of despair, that sudden feeling of “that’s enough” as a roaring lion came to life to walk the talk of self-recovery and self-motivation; I am one of those survivors and it is a very powerful surge that came to me from darkness towards lightness. 

Samaria Nancy Cardinal, a Shaman and Social worker I know in Calgary lived on the streets in downtown Calgary for 7 years, shares that it was her support team and a one year re-hab treatment that gave her the confidence and belief that she was capable of Recovery and much more…it took a few visits to the re-hab facility before she came to the other side and fully recovered.  Thanks to her loving partner.

{ FOOD FOR HOPE }  Breath this in… Imagine a world where everyone exercised Nurture as they do their physical appearances.



Falling in love is often an ingredient that boosts someone into recovery.  Genuine nurture and support from a loved one activates the neural pathways of the heart and mind in a way that is so powerful.  I am one that intuitively believes that this is the most remarkable treatment of all. 

What about the single folks?   Nurture does not have to be received from a loving partner…Nurture can come in the form of a counsellor, inner circle, doctor, new activity, meet-up group, coach, friend, art and even strangers.  For me strangers and outdoor physical activity have been the key ingredients in my recovery.  I find it easier to be open and authentic about my feelings in these two nurturing scenario’s.  1-800 numbers have also guided me back to a calm and peaceful mind.  It’s a magical moment as you feel the toxic air seeping out of your body, mind, soul triad.

Social Media is a wonderful place to connect and has saved many from taking their lives.

Science has also proven that strangers praying for someone’s recovery has nurturing benefits beyond our wildest dreams.  Even with this being main stream knowledge in the science world, some friends and colleagues have shared their fear with statements like “what will my friends think if they get wind of the fact I intuitively believe in this…and I respond…”what if your friends are saying the same thing you’re saying…”.   

And the “pot” thickens! 

{ FOOD FOR HOPE }  Breath this in… each one of us is on a recovery journey in our own unique way.  I may not be on the road to recovery from alcoholism but I have another kind of ‘ism that I am recovering from.  Without nurture, motivation and monitoring techniques I would still be on the first km of my walk.

With much love and kindness for a world that walks towards nurturing one another on our Emotional Wellbeing journey’s,



#ThreeHeartsForHope ❤❤❤

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