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Word Power Vibrations




Words Like Images Have Vibrational Power


“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein


The law of nature states that everything has a vibration. Everything that manifests itself in your life is there because it matches the vibration from the words you use while you talk to yourself and anyone else for that matter.

Think about it Quiz:

1.When using low vibration words like anger, tired, drained, fed up, ridiculous, sick does it affect the vibrations in and around you?  Yes, Maybe or no

2. Do words like my, the, that, those matter?  Yes, Maybe or no


Supporting yourself with words that have high vibes is Great News!  Everyone has things about themselves that they want to make better.  In fact, doing so is a great thing, as it keeps you motivated towards relationship goals and achievements as you increase your awareness of the words you use with yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and even strangers.

My, the, that, those…

Naming things as My, the, that, or it creates vibrations.

The or that anxiety, rather than my anxiety seems like no big difference, however it does have a massive impact in the way you express situations and…yes, that’s right, it affects the vibration frequency in your home, at the office or while you are out and about.


Try this on!

“The anxiety that I am feeling changes when I take my 5 minutes of mindfulness break whenever I feel it rising” …now you can try saying it using My anxiety, however I doubt you’d even want to now that you are reading this.  “The anxiety that I am feeling is hard today, however I am moving towards the tools that help me feel supported when I do feel it coming on” or “The anxiety really sucks, can I talk to you about it for a bit…I don’t need advice though :).  We often want to give advice to others, and in a post next week I will talk about this habit.

How are you from the upside of the line

Hi, how are you, “not bad”…hmm I know many are quick to use this reply… saying “great” even if you are feeling low vibes is beneficial.  Now, I am not saying to minimize your low vibes that may be due to an emotional experience you are having.  What I am recommending, is that you can maintain a level of vibration that stays on the upside even when you are feeling low vibes.

Tired or angry maybe…

Say you are feeling tired, try this answer on   “Great, thanks.  My body feels it needs rest today and I am taking in some fresh air as I know it’ll re-charge me”; now say you just got in an argument with your husband “Great, I have things to think about, so I’m going to go for a walk to release some of “the” angry energy I am feeling” OR  “I am going to clean the garage…”


3 week Word Practice

For 3 weeks (21 days!), be mindful of the time you say my, the, that and it as often as you can…you will be surprised at how this gesture shifts the way you talk to yourself and with others.


Wishing you all a wonderful day nurturing those around you and most importantly yourself!


With Love and Kindness,



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