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A Creative Mental Health Experience





Intention Therapy Productions presents the Human Chain Link Of Hope, Together WE Stand! Movie screening for Mental Health and empowering depression

CALGARY, February 5, 2018 

It is a time of year where the season of depression hits people the hardest, and for some unknown reason suicide is most common in spring.  Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Over 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression.

As opposed to sitting on the side lines, Cindy-Diane Rheault, decided to bring people together by creating a unique Movie of Hope using social and digital media, a first of it’s kind.  A Human Chain Link of H-O-P-E to send a well needed message to the world.

Having lost her cousin in November 2017, and having suffered herself from depression, anxiety and toxic self-chatter, inspired the making of a Massive Gathering based on the Power of Hope. Sending out a much needed message of Hope to those who are in a dark place, and to the families and friends who have no idea how to support their loved ones through it.  Saving lives in the process is exactly what she is set out to do with the creation of IntentionTherapy.org platform.

Cindy-Diane Rheault the founder and Executive Producer of the Movie, presents her vision of creating a Virtual Human Chain Link of Hope featuring on-line interviews with over 20 guests who are either authors, doctors, coaches, spiritual teachers, mom’s, sons, and grandmothers.

In a 16 Day Social Media Campaign, over 12,000 messages filled with feelings of H.O.P.E flooded in through Social and Digital Media, making it the first ever Virtual Network Movie.

The Human Chain Link Of Hope, Together WE Stand! reveals the Power of a gathering of people that brings an Uplifting message that shifts hopeless towards Hope, Trust, Connection and Possibility. The movie of Hope brings mental health professionals, inspiring organizations, and the general public to the social media table in a cinematic experience that is equal parts education and a highly vibrational gift of entertainment.

In presenting this Movie to the public, Cindy-Diane Rheault aims to move and shake how we treat depression and personal challenges, encouraging people to reach out for help and know that there is support for them that is filled with compassion and hope.  A solution that is not solely reliant on medication and others to fix them, but a willingness to take the first step to a new way of looking at how coming out of the toxic self-chatter and how being aware that their old unsupportive belief’s no longer support them in their self-recovery process.

IntentionTherapy.org is supported by the generosity of its members and participants. 

Cindy-Diane’s mission is to bring this Heart filled Community in exciting directions.

During a Private screening on January 9, 2018, here is what some of the guests at the screening said:

“I can watch this over and over”

“Bringing an Uplifting spirit to what people consider ugly is a totally new angle, that the world needs”

“I had a tough day today,…after watching this I feel so much better, and I feel so grateful for this beautiful work that we are co-creating”


RSVP Your Hope Tickets: EventBrite

Admission: Entry by Donation


For more information :

Cindy-Diane Rheault



fb: https://www.facebook.com/intentiontherapy.org/

RSVP Your Hope Tickets: EventBrite

Admission: Entry by Donation

Cell: 403-815-3333


A Human Chain Link Of Hope Movie Screening

Produced and Written by Cindy-Diane Rheault, Founder and Executive Producer at IntentionTherapy.org

2 Release Dates :

1. Tuesday, February 27, 2018  Time: 7:00 PM Mountain Time (Calgary)


Cardel Theatre – 150 seats |  On-line Webcast guests – 20 seats

Cardel Theatre:

180 Quarry Park Blvd. S.E.

Calgary, Alberta

T2C 3G3

2. On-Line Webcast:

Wednesday, February 28, 2018  Time: 6:00 PM Mountain Time (Calgary)

RSVP Your Hope Tickets:


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