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Words can change your power



Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can change your global wellbeing and mental health.


The words that you choose and the thoughts you say to yourself have the power to affect your vibes.  We use words that communicate vibrations with each other, so words that express positive emotions (like “hopeful”) bring out higher vibrational emotions than do words that express negative emotions (like “hopeless”).  Instead of saying I feel hopeless, another way would be to say, I know it’s tough right now, and I know I can feel hopeful again…I give myself permission to sit in it for a while, knowing that this shall pass.


I am not saying that feelings of hopeless are not real…I validate and know that they are real in the moment.  What I am saying is that there is hope and that hanging on is so-so worth it.  This is why having someone to reach out to like a friend, mentor or a personal coach that resonates with you is super important.


Yesterday, I caught myself saying to my Belief Re-patterning coach that my theme for next month will be on self-doubt…well that quickly brought us into a discussion of shifting this topic to a title with high vibrations…like next months theme is on self-confidence and beliefs.  Speaking and thinking from the upside of the line is what I am training myself to practice.  And I am grateful for connecting with my fellow seasoned coach Marnie who walks the upside of the line with me.


My heart expands with Hope as we are about to launch the movie based on the Power of Hope.  It is a full on magical experience. After all, I don’t need to be a scientist to know that 12 000 messages of Hope sent in by individuals around the globe has a multiplying effect when dispersed on a screen and watched by people who will also experience feelings of Hope by viewing and breathing in the creative way the messages are put together.  You can’t help but bring those vibrations to the next level…sharing it with your loved ones, people you care about and people you interact with.


As a massive Human Chain Link of Hope, Together WE Stand! movement, we have the power to break the cycle of depression, save lives and give silent suffering a voice.

May all beings open their hearts and bring awareness to the words they speak and think with.


With much Love and Kindness,


Cindy-Diane Rheault




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