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Daily Check-In: Take A Breather – Never Give Up!

Daily Check-in: Take A Breather – Never Give Up!

Your emotional state “mood” has the largest impact on the emotional quality of your day. When I look back through personal photos or visuals I will often notice a dip here and there in the feelings/mood I had on that particular day.  It is also a reminder of the times I’ve been resilient, brave and open to learning new ways of being.  The mood may have been off that day and I can remember just what I was feeling. In most cases, I had that, “Just not feeling it today” blah that comes and goes for us all.

Other days I feel like the world is my oyster and I’m uncovering hidden gems left and right.

It’s important to understand where you are and realize that will likely come through in the relationship and self-chatter you are having with yourself (it is the most important relationship you have). Give yourself a breather on the down days and be sure to work with your self-chatter with love, honour and strength to bring it towards supportive self-chatter.    Just remember that neither lasts forever.  Asking for help and sharing your story is a very powerful choice that you can choose when the “mood” strikes you.

Never Give Up!

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