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Hope, Trust, Connection and Possibilities

Shifting hopelessness to Hope, Trust, Connection and Possibilities.


All 4 have belief in the recovery process in common.

1. Hope:

Hope has the ability to help people heal faster and easier. Individuals who maintain hope, especially when battling illness, significantly enhance their chances of recovery.[source]

2. Trust:

Trust finds itself operating at the edge between confidence in what is known from everyday experience, and contingency of new possibilities. With trust possibilities are considered, leading to movement of action.[source]

3. Connections:

Through connections you open the door to connecting with an infinite source of love. Learning to bring this love within and share it with others creates deep inner fulfillment.[source]

4. Possibilities:

Studies have shown that inspired people were more open to new experiences. “Openness to Experience” often comes before inspiration, suggesting that those who are more open to inspiration are more likely to experience it. [source]


Hope, Trust, Connection and Possibility is important because numerous people with chronic, physical, or mental illness believe that their condition is stable and that they have little chance of recovery. As we begin to recognize the importance of hope, trust, connection and possibilities in the recovery process, this enables people to develop healthy coping strategies and therefore improve their physical and emotional well being.

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