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February 15, 2018




The letters H, O, P, E have an important Mental Health meaning.  That is, Hold On Pain Ends.  I was introduced to this by Kendra Lawson, a guest in the Human Chain Link Of Hope Campaign who shares her wisdom from the upside of the line.  My cousin, Monique who took her life November 2017, did not wait to see if H, O, P, E was true.  In that instant she made a decision that this is what she wanted.  From the numerous Hope interviews I’ve hosted, the interviewees who took steps in this direction were grateful that they had a second chance.   Does this mean Monique’s second chance has passed?

{ FOOD FOR HOPE } Breath this in…I believe her second chance exists in the Campaign Human Chain Link Of Hope.   The Movie Screening is released on February 27th, Live in Calgary and on February 28th as a Webcast presentation. 


During a private screening early January, a participant mentioned we needed more campaigns like this one.  I reframed it by reminding everyone that Mental Health Campaigns are abundant.  For instance, Bell’s awareness campaign is a major one that connects over a million people together.  Recently, I was introduced to Mental Health First Aid. MHFA trains people to improve mental health literacy, and provide the skills and knowledge to help people better manage potential or developing mental health problems in themselves, a family member, a friend or a colleague.  Over 200,000 Canadians are MHFA trained. Seeing that 6 degrees of separation is based on “this world is small”, you must know someone who is trained in MHFA 🙂 . 

{ FOOD FOR HOPE } Breath this in…Google Mental Health Awareness Campaigns and you have one hundred pages of actions around the world.


4 INGREDIENTS FOR HOPE (and a bonus 5th & 6th!)

1. Hope

2. Trust

3. Connection

4. Possibility

5. Motivation

6. Monitoring


Wether you’ve lost someone to suicide or someone you care about is walking the Mental Health Journey…support is abundant. 

The 4 main ingredients in recovery is the belief that there is hope, trust, connection and possibility.  Many say that self-motivation and self-monitoring techniques are the ultimate king and queen ingredient on the Mental Health Journey…I call this the 5th & 6th ingredient.  However, when you are at the bottom of the pit, how do you find the strength to reach out for motivation? 

An anonymous recipient of IntentionTherapy.org said that it came to them through the depts of despair, that sudden feeling of “that’s enough” as a roaring lion came to life to walk the talk of self-recovery and self-motivation; I am one of those survivors and it is a very powerful surge that came to me from darkness towards lightness. 

Samaria Nancy Cardinal, a Shaman and Social worker I know in Calgary lived on the streets in downtown Calgary for 7 years, shares that it was her support team and a one year re-hab treatment that gave her the confidence and belief that she was capable of Recovery and much more…it took a few visits to the re-hab facility before she came to the other side and fully recovered.  Thanks to her loving partner.

{ FOOD FOR HOPE }  Breath this in… Imagine a world where everyone exercised Nurture as they do their physical appearances.



Falling in love is often an ingredient that boosts someone into recovery.  Genuine nurture and support from a loved one activates the neural pathways of the heart and mind in a way that is so powerful.  I am one that intuitively believes that this is the most remarkable treatment of all. 

What about the single folks?   Nurture does not have to be received from a loving partner…Nurture can come in the form of a counsellor, inner circle, doctor, new activity, meet-up group, coach, friend, art and even strangers.  For me strangers and outdoor physical activity have been the key ingredients in my recovery.  I find it easier to be open and authentic about my feelings in these two nurturing scenario’s.  1-800 numbers have also guided me back to a calm and peaceful mind.  It’s a magical moment as you feel the toxic air seeping out of your body, mind, soul triad.

Social Media is a wonderful place to connect and has saved many from taking their lives.

Science has also proven that strangers praying for someone’s recovery has nurturing benefits beyond our wildest dreams.  Even with this being main stream knowledge in the science world, some friends and colleagues have shared their fear with statements like “what will my friends think if they get wind of the fact I intuitively believe in this…and I respond…”what if your friends are saying the same thing you’re saying…”.   

And the “pot” thickens! 

{ FOOD FOR HOPE }  Breath this in… each one of us is on a recovery journey in our own unique way.  I may not be on the road to recovery from alcoholism but I have another kind of ‘ism that I am recovering from.  Without nurture, motivation and monitoring techniques I would still be on the first km of my walk.

With much love and kindness for a world that walks towards nurturing one another on our Mental Health journey’s,



#ThreeHeartsForHope ❤❤❤




February 12, 2018


Quiz: Are you open to Self-Nurture?

  • Choice: Yes, Sometimes, Not really, No
  1. Are you aware of body sensations when you are feeling happy (high vibes)?
  2. Are you aware of body sensations when you are feeling down (low vibes)?
  3. Do you ask yourself how do I want to feel when you are feeling low vibes?
  4. Do you believe that the words you use affect your vibration levels?
  5. Do you believe you are the master of your mind, specifically thoughts?


If you answered yes to more than 3 questions, you are open to expanding and receiving the self-nurturing gift of mastering your thought patterns.


Meditation and Word Power (Self-Talk)


I am the first to admit that it takes daily practice to be the master of my thoughts.

My desire is to remain calm and confident when discomfort, anxiety, and overwhelm arises.  As a Self-Talk Guide and student (I am always open to learning and growing), the practice of questioning my emotions from the upside of the line has transformed how I speak to myself.  After practicing Vipassana mediation for over 7 years I found a technique that increased my awareness of body sensations; a knowing that everything passes and arises exactly in the way that seasons change; and remaining equanimous wether experiencing good or bad is the ultimate goal to eradicating suffering.  7 years later (isn’t there a 7 year itch…)  I am grateful to have come across a how to guide for observing my thoughts that are so incredibly related to the body sensations that I am experiencing.  This how to guide is the Belief Re-patterning technique as taught by Suze Casey.

Now, I have studied and read about Self-Talk which is wonderful, however having a step-by-step practical learning guide is a beautiful gift, just like a 10 day Vipassana course.



According to Vipassana, meditation is the deep interconnection between mind and body, which can be experienced directly by disciplined attention to the physical sensations that form the life of the body, and that continuously interconnect and condition the life of the mind. It is this observation-based, self-exploratory journey to the common root of mind and body that dissolves mental impurity, resulting in a balanced mind full of love and compassion.

The scientific laws that operate one’s thoughts, feelings, judgements and sensations become clear. Through direct experience, the nature of how one grows or regresses, how one produces suffering or frees oneself from suffering is understood. Life becomes characterized by increased awareness, non-delusion, self-control and peace.

Just as we use physical exercises to improve our bodily health, Meditation can be used to develop a healthy mind.



According to Belief Re-patterning, Self-Talk  is based as a learning theory, not a “healing modality” that easily moves you past old patterns and ways of being, uncovering your true self in the process.  Self-Talk from the upside of the line gets you out of the spin-cycle.  By focusing on creating what you want, rather than trying to figure out the “root cause” of what’s wrong is not the healthiest tool in the shed…

Often, people get caught in the story and give it power by using words that are coming from the downside of the line.  Now it doesn’t mean you can’t say this sucks…at times it does…what you learn is how to shift your self-talk language even in the midst of adversity, which let’s face it, no matter how many techniques you practice, ups and downs in life are not going to disappear.  What you will find, is that you approach every situation from the upside of the line, and the downward spiral no longer takes you hostage.  After all, adverse experiences are an opportunity to change the way you are doing things that may not be working for you.

Bonus, Self-Talk from the upside of the line is fun and fascinating. It is Personal Development that is not simply motivational, it is real learning that lasts!


Wishing you all a wonderful self-nurture journey filled with love and kindness,




#ThreeHeartsForHope ❤❤❤





February 9, 2018

Words Like Images Have Vibrational Power


“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein


The law of nature states that everything has a vibration. Everything that manifests itself in your life is there because it matches the vibration from the words you use while you talk to yourself and anyone else for that matter.

Think about it Quiz:

1.When naming low vibration words like anger, tired, drained, fed up, ridiculous, sick does it affect the vibrations in and around you?  Yes, Maybe or no

2. Do words like my, the, that, those matter?  Yes, Maybe or no


Supporting yourself with words that have high vibes is Great News!  Everyone has things about themselves that they want to make better.  In fact, doing so is a great thing, as it keeps you motivated towards relationship goals and achievements as you increase your awareness of the words you use with yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and even strangers.

My, the, that, those…

Naming things as My, the, that, or it creates vibrations.

The or that anxiety, rather than my anxiety seems like no big difference, however it does have a massive impact in the way you express situations and…yes, that’s right, it affects the vibration frequency in your home, at the office or while you are out and about.


Try this on!

“The anxiety that I am feeling changes when I take my 5 minutes of mindfulness break whenever I feel it rising” …now you can try saying it using My anxiety, however I doubt you’d even want to now that you are reading this.  “The anxiety that I am feeling is hard today, however I am moving towards the tools that help me feel supported when I do feel it coming on” or “The anxiety really sucks, can I talk to you about it for a bit…I don’t need advice though :).  We often want to give advice to others, and in a post next week I will talk about this habit.

How are you from the upside of the line

Hi, how are you, “not bad”…hmm I know many are quick to use this reply… saying “great” even if you are feeling low vibes is beneficial.  Now, I am not saying to minimize your low vibes that may be due to an emotional experience you are having.  What I am recommending, is that you can maintain a level of vibration that stays on the upside even when you are feeling low vibes.

Tired or angry maybe…

Say you are feeling tired, try this answer on   “Great, thanks.  My body feels it needs rest today and I am taking in some fresh air as I know it’ll re-charge me”; now say you just got in an argument with your husband “Great, I have things to think about, so I’m going to go for a walk to release some of “the” angry energy I am feeling” OR  “I am going to clean the garage…”


3 week Word Practice

For 3 weeks (21 days!), be mindful of the time you say my, the, that and it as often as you can…you will be surprised at how this gesture shifts the way you talk to yourself and with others.


Wishing you all a wonderful day nurturing those around you and most importantly yourself!


With Love and Kindness,






February 5, 2018



A Creative Mental Health Experience

Intention Therapy Productions Presents The Human Chain Link Of Hope, Together WE Stand! Movie Screening (MOVIE TRAILER) & Gathering For Mental Health And Empowering Depression.


CALGARY, February 5, 2018 

It is a time of year where the season of depression hits people the hardest, and for some unknown reason suicide is most common in spring.  Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. In any given year, 1 in 5 people will personally experience a mental health problem or illness.  Mental Health challenges affects everyone at some time through a family member, friend or colleague.


As opposed to sitting on the side lines, Cindy-Diane Rheault, decided to bring people together by producing a Creative Movie of Hope using social and digital media, a first of it’s kind.  A Human Chain Link of Hope to send a well needed message to the world.


Having lost her cousin in November 2017, and having suffered herself from depression, anxiety and toxic self-chatter, inspired the making of a Massive Gathering based on the Power of Hope. Sending out a much needed message of Hope to those who are in a dark place, and to the families and friends who have no idea how to support their loved ones through it.  Saving lives in the process is exactly what she is set out to do with the creation of IntentionTherapy.org platform.


The movie of Hope (TRAILER) brings mental health professionals, inspiring organizations, and the general public to the social media table in a cinematic experience that is equal parts education and a highly vibrational gift of entertainment.


In a 16 Day SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN, over 12,000 messages filled with feelings of H.O.P.E have flooded in through Social and Digital Media, making it the FIRST EVER Virtual Network Movie.


Featuring on-line interviews with over 20 guests who are either authors, doctors, coaches, spiritual teachers, mom’s, sons, and grandmothers, The Human Chain Link Of Hope, Together WE Stand! reveals the Power of a gathering of people that brings an Uplifting message that shifts hopeless towards Hope, Trust, Connection and Possibility.


In presenting this Movie to the public, Cindy-Diane Rheault aims to move and shake how we treat depression and personal challenges, encouraging people to reach out for help and know that there is support for them that is filled with compassion, hope, and most importantly that it’s ok to feel what they feel. A solution that is not solely reliant on medication and others to fix them, but a willingness to take the first step to a new way of looking at how coming out of the toxic self-chatter or becoming aware that their old unsupportive belief’s no longer support them in their self-recovery process.


Cindy-Diane Rheault, executive producer and Uriel Light the director of the Movie will be at the screening to discuss the film and the possibilities that this movie brings to saving lives, breaking down the wall of silence and empowering depression in a way that is filled with compassion and group nurture.


IntentionTherapy.org is supported by the generosity of its members and participants. 


Cindy-Diane’s mission is to bring this Heart filled Community in exciting directions.


During a Private screening on January 9, 2018, here is what some of the guests at the screening said:

“I can watch this over and over”

“Bringing an Uplifting spirit to what people consider ugly is a totally new angle, that the world needs”

“I had a tough day today,…after watching this I feel so much better, and I feel so grateful for this beautiful work that we are co-creating”

“Someone can stumble across this movie just anyhow, anyway…one word, one sentence or even 5 minutes can change a persons life”

“You can see and feel the vibration just zinging through the air – it’s quite a testament and great way to pull away from the stories”






A Creative Human Chain Link Of Hope  Movie Screening  (WATCH TRAILER ) for Mental Health


Produced and Written by Cindy-Diane Rheault, Founder and Executive Producer at IntentionTherapy.org


Release Date : Tuesday, February 27, 2018  Time: 7:00 PM Mountain Time (Calgary)

Trailer: Youtube

Admission: Entry by Donation

Tickets: EventBrite



Cardel Theatre – 150 seats |  On-line Webcast guests – 50 seats

Cardel Theatre:

180 Quarry Park Blvd. S.E.

Calgary, Alberta

T2C 3G3



Cindy-Diane Rheault



fb: @intentiontherapy.org

Cell: 403-815-3333





January 29, 2018

What can I learn from Reactive Doubt?

I share my personal recovery journey with reactive doubt now!  Silent suffering no more! I (right now in this moment),  share this experience with you from the upside of the line.

It crept in a few days ago.  I fully felt and observed it come and evolve into what I felt this morning.  Blah, uncertain, feelings of dissatisfaction and ugh, here we go again…what can I learn from this?  I am allowing myself to sit with it and treat doubt as a messenger, a call for change, an opportunity to practice living with uncertainty.  I know from direct experience that doubt is an inevitable part of my journey, and that I have two choices.  I can choose to resist it or I can choose to welcome it. (Find My Choice below)

Brief caption of my story with doubt:

I recently made a decision to launch a project I am working on with a strategy that I contemplated on over a few weeks.  I was very satisfied with the results, until doubt began to creep in…is this ego, why did I choose this, what is in it for others and why would anyone even want to be part of this…I am silly and most people are likely getting tired of my fb posts or whatever I have to say, after all I am not a doctor and I don’t know anyone in the media anyways…let’s face it, no one knows who I am and why would they want to…

I can laugh about this now, however it is not funny when you are in it.  I get it!  I also don’t like to hear, oh, it’s all in your head or you’re just working too hard and need a break.  It makes me feel minimized for what I am feeling and I feel no one understands me.  And then, running away or hiding from everyone sounds like the best option…

I made a pack with myself a few months ago (the last time I went into a deep depression).  Part of the pack is to allow myself to sit in the “ick” – I made a plan that respects the feelings when they arise, allowing myself the time to befriend the emotions and receive ah-ha moments as they come.  The ah-ha moments allow me to measure the yard sticks of my mental health journey.  It’s pretty cool!


Blogging and writing about my experience helps heal the relationship I have with doubt from time to time.  And in the interim, I hope to share and empower others who are experiencing this too.   After all, I know I am not alone


My body, mind, soul chooses to welcome doubt as a messenger, a call for change, an opportunity to practice living with uncertainty.  I breath this in as I smile and observe the unpleasant discomfort gently shift to an ah-ha moment.  Resistance and clinging creates a mindset that changes to suffering.  By letting it be, and welcoming it, I released some of the toxic chatter and the grey cloud that was looming over my mental state, lifted.  Now, I sat with the doubt for 3 days, so I can only share that perhaps the next time doubt arises it may be 2 days…and if it’s 4 well I guess I have to go with the flow and call my self-talk coach…which by the way I am checking in with tomorrow!

May all beings attract a technique and an approach that resonates for them on their mental health journey.

Please share your own experience with doubt and how you overcame it.

With Love & Kindness,




December 26, 2017

Daily Check-in: Take A Breather – Never Give Up!

How are you starting your day?

I have read about in my research and have experienced that my emotional state “mood” has the largest impact on the emotional quality of my day.

As, you will learn if you don’t know much about me yet…visuals are a big part of my world.  When I look back through personal photos or visuals I will often notice a dip here and there in the feelings/mood I had on that particular day.  It is also a reminder of the times I’ve been resilient, brave and open to learning new ways of being.  The mood may have been off that day and I can remember just what I was feeling. In most cases, I had that, “Just not feeling it today” blah that comes and goes for us all.

Other days I feel like the world is my oyster and I’m uncovering hidden gems left and right.

It’s important to understand where you are and realize that will likely come through in the relationship and self-chatter you are having with yourself (it is the most important relationship you have). Give yourself a breather on the down days and be sure to work with your self-chatter with love, honour and strength to bring it towards supportive self-chatter.    Just remember that neither lasts forever.  Asking for help and sharing your story is a very powerful choice that you can choose when the “mood” strikes you.

Never Give Up!

Please share or comment on what you are experiencing now or can relate from a past experience that you went through and would like to share.

With Love,




 November 29, 2017

What purpose do messages of Hope, Trust Connection and Possibilities have in common with Mental Health?

In my research on this subject, I am thrilled to uncover that All 4 have “Belief”  in the recovery process in common.


Hope, Trust, Connection and Possibility is important because numerous people with chronic, physical, or mental illness believe that their condition is stable and that they have little chance of recovery. As we begin to recognize the importance of hope, trust, connection and possibilities in the recovery process, this enables people to develop healthy coping strategies and therefore improve their physical and emotional well being.


Studies have shown that inspired people were more open to possibilities and new experiences. “Openness to Experience” often comes before inspiration, suggesting that those who are more open to inspiration are more likely to experience it. [source]


Hope has the ability to help people heal faster and easier. Individuals who maintain hope, especially when battling illness, significantly enhance their chances of recovery.[source]

Trust finds itself operating at the edge between confidence in what is known from everyday experience, and contingency of new possibilities. With trust possibilities are considered, leading to movement of action.[source]

Through connections you open the door to connecting with an infinite source of love. Learning to bring this love within and share it with others creates deep inner fulfillment.[source]




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